Posted on: May 31, 2009 7:52 am

Why did the Cavaliers lose this series?

The Magic got the Cavs right where they wanted them. The Cavs played the Magic's game, they forced up jumpshots in a frenzy. The Cavs didn't do that in their 1st 8 playoff games, they went to the rim at will. The Cavs big men didn't bother give Dwight Howard a challenge all series, let alone last night (he had 40, 14, and 4 last night). Ben Wallace used to be the minister of Defense in his Detroit Pistons years, instead, he and Z were ministers of being Dwight howard's punching bags for 6 games. Superman flew high and above the Cavs, and his "Justice League colleagues" would nail a three if they tried to focus on him (they did that 62 times in 6 games, a playoff record in a 6 game series). Don't forget the Magic's brilliant bench play, Mickael Pietrus was nailing dagger shots all series, meanwhile Cleveland's bench was pathetically weak, Wally, and the Cavs bench were a non factor.

Mo Williams pulls off a disappearing act against an elite team, AGAIN! The Cavs need a low post scorer, a big upgrade over Z who is trash. Lastly, how about LeBron James? He may be the king, but he was relegated to jumpshots throughout much of the series, and his palace came tumbling down, and so did the Cavs chances.

Gotta credit the Magic, they weren't scared, they beat down the Cavs at anything, in the post, beyond the arc, any and every aspect of the game, the Magic outclassed and outcoached the Cavaliers. The Magic fly to L.A. to face the Lakers on Thursday, while Cleveland once again goes golfing, wondering what could have been.

I will be rooting for the Magic, I hope they defeat the Lakers. I hate the Lakers.
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